At Top Line Converter, each torque converter is cut open, chemically cleaned, and thoroughly inspected for internal damage. Critical wear items such as hubs, bearings, gaskets, seals, clutches and thrust washers are replaced as needed with a new part to restore the units to their proper internal clearances. Pilots, drive lugs and thrust surfaces are renewed to their original specifications. Converters are then welded together using state of the art automated equipment to insure weld integrity. The converter is then fully inspected, balanced and tested to meet proper specifications. The finished converter is packaged in a heavy duty box that will prevent the converter from being damaged in any way in the process of being delivered.

Our Team

As the Metropolitan area’s go-to remanufacturing facility, Top Line Converter is located just on the edge of Downtown Pittsburgh. We are fully equipped and have the most experienced personnel in the industry with an accumulation of 150 years of transmission and torque converter remanufacturing experience.


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We have the capability, the experience and the know-how to solve even your most complex remanufacturing problems. Quality is our main priority with our product. We stand behind the services we offer by guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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